Biker Witch

A very short story!

Once upon a time there was a little witch, who lived quietly but content in her cottage at the edge of the forest. A bit of witch work, weekly crystal ball sessions with the villagers, a love potion here and an arthritis remedy there, and every now and then an exhilarating flight on her broom. Life was simple but good for our nature woman.

Then one day, she heard a deep rumbling sound. And it came closer, ever closer. The earth was vibrating in a way she had never experienced before. Her cat’s tail swooshed back and forth, ears pointed towards the west. With a short command she activated her broom and jumped into the air. Was it perhaps a new born dragon? Heart pounding,  she drew closer while her ears were drumming to the bewitching sound.

On the road beneath her was a stranger, dressed in black. He was riding the weirdest object she had ever seen. That was no dragon, nor horse or mule. The metal steed was gliding forward on its own, making the deep sound that had drawn her out of her cottage. This must be a mighty sorcerer.

Intrigued she landed in front of the man and blocked his way forward. She just had to find out more about this secret device! The stranger halted and with a nonchalant gesture he commanded his alien horse to go to sleep. In a glance she saw Harley-Davidson was written on the steed’s side. The witch felt a green-golden gaze settle on her face. There was only silence.

What happened next has not been recorded properly in the witches’ annals. There must have been a magical disturbance that night. We only know that today, the sorcerer still visits the cottage at Wood’s End. And that the broom is getting fat by a lack of exercise, for today…

Today our little witch is the Biker Witch


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